You can be fooled breathalyzer device?

There is hardly a person who does not break the rules. Driving after drinking is against the law. However, there are perceptions that breathalyzers can be played through various tricks. It turns out that these are myths and we will debunk with this article. After separate fact from fiction.

MYTH: Putting copper plate under the tongue influences the outcome breathalyzer device.

FACT: The idea that putting the plate in the mouth awry correct score in favor of the studied person is wrong.

MYTH: breath fresheners and mouthwash can cause accounting for the lower level of alcohol in the blood.

FACT: Wrong statement. Breath fresheners, such as chewing gum, mints, sprays or may hide the smell of the concentrate, but they can not change the level of alcohol in the breath. In some people, because of health problems or compliance with the High diet their breath can have estesten odor of alcohol. Therefore, when checking breathalyzer changes may increase.

MYTH: Breathalyzer be outwitting by sucking on a penny.

FACT: This urban myth is surprisingly widespread, but it is completely false. Neither she nor the use of potions of herbs, garlic, snake oil or charcoal are able to confuse the accurate measurement of the concentration of alcohol in the blood.

MYTH: Breathalyzer measured only alcohol – and nothing else.

FACT: Substances which contain small amounts of alcohol can lead to false positive results, such as some medicines. Personal Breathalyzer has the power to measure compounds similar to the molecular structure of alcohol, such as acetone, which is located in the breath of diabetics. False results may be reported by the fumes of paint, varnish, cleaning chemicals that contain alcohol, as well as some plastics and adhesives.

MYTH: You can not fool a breathalyzer hyperventilation, or holding your breath before you blow.

FACT: This was one of the most serious allegations that some experts still podarzhatk as true. There is a belief that hyperventilation leads to a reduction in the level of alcohol in the blood by 10%. They eskperti do believe that holding your breath increases concentration and respectively breathalyzer test changes may prove more. The last statement is not accurate. The breathalyzers offered here as Draeger Drivesafe II, however, are precise enough to capture any attempt to cheat and to recognize real values in the blood.

Very often asked question is whether breath analyzers are 100% accurate.

The breathalyzer are products that reliably determine whether there is presence of alcohol in the body. But the accuracy of the breath test results can vary considerably when not used for calibrating breathalyzer or when the device is not properly maintained. It is therefore advisable breathalyzer be maintained as required and to any device has mouthpieces for hygienic use. Of course, the accuracy of breathalyzer from working class is much larger compared to one-off. The reason is the more complicated their technological device and precision sensors reporting to the last hundredth the concentration of alcohol in the blood. The other thing that gives priority to professional breathalyzers, the samples not only breathtaking but also urine, saliva, sweat. And let’s not zabravyame- each breathalyzer must be calibrated periodically to maintain accuracy.

Finally a curious fact. We asked how most pro mille blood alcohol were registered and where.

And if you think that in Russia it according to CBC News in Canada has caught 67-year-old Bulgarian citizen whose levels of alcohol in the body are 9.14 per thousand. The man was busted by local police, having caused slight accident. In front of the astonished cops and breathalyzer test, the Bulgarian nailed a record high. The case developed in 2004. The man was taken immediately to hospital. To be sure the record result, doctors made another 5 test that showed again the same amount.

Another interesting case was in 2013 when he caught 40-year-old man with 13.74 per mille of alcohol in the blood. He is a resident of – it’s the Polish city of New Demba. Man can easily be assigned to medical miracles, as it is believed that after the 5 per mille blood alcohol occurs mortal danger to the body. Yet doctors managed to save the Pole. It is not clear whether these are real values of concentrate. As mentioned above, if not supported well each breathalyzer can give defect.

Once again we reminded that driving after drinking is forbidden and the best way to check if you are willing to go is via breathalyzer test!