Why we should possess personal breathalyzer?

We all know that the benefits there from drinking alcohol, but in reasonable quantities, of course, it can cause damage and much more. Furthermore, in excess of concentrate it is very dangerous man to sit behind the wheel. For most reliable prevention against drivers operating while intoxicated cars are designed precisely breathalyzer devices. They are not only great assistant in establishing the number of parts per thousand of alcohol in the blood, but also the power to save lives.

Definitely an advantage every driver to have his car breathalyzer handy. This will lead to greater security in different situations.

For example, if in the event that the driver of the vehicle be inspected by authorities and had to blow in breathalyzer for accurate result, you can always remove your device and compare whether the data are the same.

If you have breathalyzer:

will avoid fines

will not be subject to penalties

immediately reduces crash risk


provide protection as yourself

ensure their safety

protect passengers in the car

defend opposite people

Benefits of breathalyzers:

For sophisticated technology

Sensors using breathalyzers has optimized with gas dynamics for measuring the concentration of alcohol in the blood. Even with high concentrations of alcohol quickly and accurately will be shown the result. Advanced technologies ensure that the instrument is again ready for use within seconds.

Sampling and maintenance

Regimes of working are automatic, manual, and passive. They can be used to prepare the samples at any time. The calibration process is simple and can be done through the menu alcotest. All measurement functions are controlled with a single button while navigation menu using only two keys.


Thanks to its compact size and ergonomic design of breath analyzers offered by Shopbreathalyzer.ca, they are easy to maintain and are not brittle. The breathalyzers those who have your device for ataching microphones are among the most bought for professional purposes. They are distinguished with flexibility, through which allows for proper and easy usage even people working with the left hand.

Slide and snap mouthpiece

The shape of the mouthpiece is designed so that it fits intuitive, fast and reliable even under poor lighting conditions. Outlet through which enters the air is hard to clog, and this prevents any attempts to manipulate the results. The mouthpiece has a plug which prevents the test subjects to come into contact with the tool, and also functions as a mouthpiece ejector.

Low power consumption

The breathalyzer may report more than 1,000 breath tests on only two AA batteries.

Safety and Hygiene

The separation of the clamping area and the mouthpiece provides a safe distance between the hand of the operator and the mouth of the person being tested.

Smart data retention

The last 10 measurement results with their respective test numbers are stored in the log data of breathalyzers. Individual results can be quickly downloaded from breathalyzer through the menu. The tools provide accurate data because the devices can show to the thousandth decimal place (0.054%).

All breathalyzers offered on our site are guaranteed. They proved provide users with their accuracy and reliability of results. Besides all you can find breathalyzers all sizes – from pocket to larger, designed for professional use.

What breathalyzer will be suitable for me?

Breathalyzer what you choose depends largely on its implementation. If you are interested in the highest level of accuracy of your statements, our recommendation is to target professional devices. Tools of this type are usually interested in big companies, clinics, schools, military structures, the police, various laboratories. The Professional breathalyzers are also very popular among people who want the highest level of accuracy of readings.

If you are rather interested in this and have a breathalyzer on hand for emergencies, the perfect job will run smaller or single breathalyzers. They are very easy to use and the results come out in a very short period of time. Separately and very accurate – show the real value of the changes in case you have doubts about the results of the authorities.

We offer a huge selection of high quality instruments to measure the level of alcohol in the blood. Breathalyzers can show changes both by blood and by analyzing urine and breath.

The most important characteristic for each breathalyzer is how and for how long measured samples.More complex models devices require 30 to 40 sec. To warm up to 20 seconds. Then breathalyzers are ready for use. This makes them preferable even for people who are nervous and do not like to wait.