What are the most dangerous drugs?

Amphetamine and crystal meth

Produced synthetically amphetamine and methamphetamine – known as crystal meth – date back to the late 19th century. And they have been used in medicine to the 70s of the last century – amphetamine is prescribed as an antidepressant, as a means of suppressing appetite and in the treatment of asthma. It was used as a stimulant and soldiers. Amphetamine and today is used to combat attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity. Small doses are not harmful to human brain cells.

This drug is very popular techno scene. But – namely amphetamine interfere with the tranquility of the people. Leads to insomnia, tremor, palpitations, can cause a heart attack. Likely to become dependent on it is average – 1.67. With continued use or overdose, however toxic influences – damage to organs, muscles and kidneys. Furthermore, the synthetic drug can cause hallucinations, depression, psychosis and even coma.

Crystal meth is more dangerous than regular amphetamine. He leads more quickly to psychological dependence to / 3.0 / makers and tested it need ever larger doses. Thereafter are increasingly weaken the lining of the mouth and nose they decompose, their teeth began to fall.

Sleeping pills

The preparation flunitrazepam, also known as rohipnol has exactly the opposite effect. So some addicts use it to settle down after the excitement afforded by amphetamine. In most cases, this drug is prescribed as a sedative. And in combination with alcohol or anesthetic drugs gets deadly cocktail. Those who received this type of mixtures, then can not remember anything.

Drug addicts resort to flunitrazepama as a heroin substitute. It can cause dependence within two weeks / its potential in this respect is 1,83 /. When this is not always a calming influence – can cause agitation, nightmares and hallucinations.

Opium and heroin

Heroin is made from morphine, the main ingredient of raw opium, which in principle is eligible for prescribing a sedative. But can only be used under very severe pain – for example in palliative medicine or reduce suffering in attack. Unlike morphine, heroin / potential dependence 3.0 / affects both comforting and exciting. And damage to normal sleep.

An overdose of each of these two drugs can lead to difficulty breathing or even stop it. The danger is particularly high in addicts who use heroin in combination with alcohol or sleeping pills.

Heroin is not necessarily the most dangerous drug. In studies conducted in Bonn on permanently dependent on this drug were made comparisons with state of the group receiving methadone instead of heroin / potential dependency 2.08 /. The results showed that health and social situation of heroin patients improved compared to those who received methadone. Since then heroin is allowed for use as a drug in Germany.

Cocaine and crack cocaine

Cocaine / potential dependency 2.39 / is the extract of coca. After passing laboratory processing of it gets crack. Cocaine leads to euphoria, eliminates hunger or fatigue. But those who use it, pay a high price: increased heart rate, narrowed blood vessels, high blood pressure and risk of heart attack.

Impaired sense of hunger and thirst, and hyperactivity can lead to tuberculosis. With continued use appear paranoid hallucinations and psychosis that may be incurable. Who smokes cocaine destroys their oral mucosa, and if you take drugs – the cartilage of the nose.

When crack cocaine threats to humans are much larger, because this drug has a much stronger effect than cocaine. Furthermore, has the highest potential of the dependence / over 3.0 / higher than that of heroin, nicotine and alcohol.


Lysergic acid diethylamide, known as LSD is a synthetic drug that sharpens the senses and perception of the surrounding world. In the 60s and 70s LSD is the most popular drug among hippies.

This drug can lead to incurable psychoses, but the danger of fatal poisoning is lower than the alcohol and nicotine. The potential dependence on LSD is low – 1.23.

The danger here is mostly the occurrence of events after the adoption of LSD because the user can not make a correct assessment of his surroundings and along hallucinations or psychotic disorder may take irrational actions, thinking they can fly, the user of LSD might as well throw out the window.

Alcohol and nicotine

Alcohol has a high potential of dependence / 1.93 / – More than marijuana, LSD, many sleeping pills, amphetamine or ecstasy. Even greater dependence that can be derived from smoking – 2.2. Only cocaine, crack and heroin have higher performance. But unlike illegal drugs, alcohol enjoys high popularity in the world, with the exception of Islamic countries. People drink wine since antiquity. And smoking passes for part of the good manners to 80s.

However, once a person become addicted to alcohol, the degree of acceptance sharp falls. Over time, alcohol destroys internal organs – liver, pancreas, muscles and metabolism. Moreover dramatically increases the risk of heart disease and the risk of cancer of the esophagus and digestive tract.

In Germany alone, 74,000 people a year die from alcohol abuse. A smoking leads to the death of between 100 000 and 120 000. So that tobacco and alcohol are the most harmful drugs.

Marijuana and hashish

Legislators in many countries discuss whether to allow use of marijuana for medical purposes – such as to excite the appetite, diseases from AIDS or cancer. Contained in cannabis compound tetrahydrocannabinol affects soothing and intoxicating. The potential of dependence on marijuana is average – 1.51. The consumption of normal quantities of hashish or marijuana is virtually impossible to take a lethal dose.

And the effects of tetrahydrocannabinol is such that sharpens the senses – especially when listening to music, sense of taste and sense of time. Typically concomitant consumption condition is acute cravings for sweet, salty and sour.

With continued use may, however, lead to reduced capacity for thinking and learning – most likely through changes in blood flow to the brain. Especially dangerous are accepted smoking poisonous substances that can cause cancer. The hazards are likely to be even greater than in tobacco, as in the burning of the resin in hashish were removed and other harmful substances.

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