What are the breathalyzers?

Breathalyzers are electronic devices that determine the alcohol content in the human body in exhaled air.


When testing for alcohol breathalyzer using air, exhaled from the deep lungs, which is in direct contact with blood. Accordingly, the content of alcohol in the air directly correlated with the concentration of alcohol in the blood. All breathalyzers even the cheapest models are equipped with sensor and allow us to determine the content of alcohol in the blood through rapid analysis of exhaled air. In larger part of breathalyzers purging is carried out through a mouthpiece nozzle, which provides exceptional accuracy of the results. Some breathalyzer can be used freely by blowing, which is at the expense of accuracy of results, but also reduce operating costs. Test results are usually displayed in digital form (usually in ppm) or a character type by showing indication of exceeding a certain (allowed) limit.



The Breathalyzer may be compulsory for some professions and very useful for personal use. With personal breathalyzer each one may control the concentration of alcohol in his blood. Self-image for coloring not always entirely objective (on the contrary!) And often people intoxicated state tend to overestimate their abilities. This of course can lead behind serious (alas often fatal) consequences for both the drivers themselves and for innocent bystanders, relatives or friends. Unbiased evidence of breathalyzer provide objective evidence of the degree of intoxication and provoke reason preventing you from unreasonable actions. For any self-respecting car driver, breathalyzer is a necessity – it will alert you do not drive drunk, and not to allow other drivers to do so and risking their and your life!



Breathalyzer is the best system for control. For certain professions (drivers in the public transport miners and others) breathalyzer is a working tool and its presence should be compulsory for the performance of official duties. The specifics of other professions have higher requirements to staff and despite the lack of direct control instructions of sobriety, some employers implement such measures on its own initiative, using testers to control the sobriety of staff. Enough is only the presence of such a device in the workplace to be a huge deterrent!

When choosing a professional model is important to note the measurement range and accuracy of the device as well as the legislative basis for the use and consumption in the current organization.