Types of drug testers

Most people when they hear about drug testers do Association for sampling urine. It turns out that there are many different methods for this person to be tested whether he used drugs and what is her appearance.

There are various factors by which a person can get a definition of what types of devices should be called testers for drugs to be applied in a given situation.

What are devices called drug testers?

They are created for structures and institutions in one country responsible for security, safety and order. In this version are born – Ministry of Interior and all structures to it – SANS, Traffic, COCO. Besides these, however, more often lately professional organizations and different companies use drug testers. They are invaluable and in companies dealing with transportation, public transportation and more. Each hospital should have a drug testers (laboratories, offices, probation, etc.). What used to study are blood, urine, saliva, etc. Human materials. Professional testers and analyzers drugs can catch the presence of opium drug in blood from 6 months ago. Its results come just 10-12 minutes after the sample taken and accuracy is over 99%. The proposed drug testers were able to capture without a problem most prevalent illicit drugs among the population – different types of opiates, cocaine, cannabis, amphetamine, methamphetamine and Benzedrine.

What kind should be given sample?

The authorities concerned to you undergo drug tests use different elements of the human body. There are several options for their type:

Oral Fluid / oral test – This type of drug testers are based on research on human saliva. These drugs testers are quick and easy ways to collect information for use drug as well as its quantity in the body.

The downside is that the test only a few major drug and give data just hours after their adoption. Medications used for days or weeks back will not be caught by these testers for drugs. shown in the test.

We offer a wide range of testers for drugs. They are very easy to use and are extremely accurate and fast. Except through saliva may seek the presence of drugs and on various surfaces. For example, mouse, desk. Testers of drugs like Drug Wipe®2A CA / AM captures an absolute accuracy the presence of cannabis, amphetamine, methamphetamine.

Hair – Sounds weird, but – yes! There testers drug examining the hair and giving information about the amount and type of drugs consumed. More expensive, but are one of the safest methods. This type of drug testers are extremely accurate since managed to capture the presence of drugs in the body for months back since man has accepted them.

Blood – Blood testers drug use blood to account for the presence of opium drug in the body. This kind of testers failed to catch drug within 6 months after his last dose. Testers drug examining blood are very effective and accurate.

Urine – The most common type of sample used is so popular because it has easy sample collection, accurate results and fast time to results. It also is available.

It is to be noted that not all drugs are prohibited for sale. The truth is that many of opium substances can be found in pharmacies. The good thing here is that they can be bought without a prescription. We will look at how different drugs affect human health.

Methamphetamine, crystal meth and amphetamines – This type of drug is produced synthetically. Another name which is known to the people is crystal meth. His home is 19 in. As medics used it for medicine. With Amphetamine doctors used it as a cure for depression, asthma and even heal they prescribed for obesity. In times of war they used as a stimulant for the soldiers. It has been shown that small doses do not damage brain cells.

However, we not tolerate drug use!

Amphetamine has serious consequences in the human body. Leads to tremor, palpitations, insomnia and causes a heart attack. An interesting fact is that the likelihood of addiction it is average – 1.67. Overdose is a sure way to painful death, preceded by hallucinations, loss of mind and coma.

Crystal meth is quite dangerous compared to amphetamine. It acts detrimental to the body and death after the initiation of use is relatively recent, preceded by erosion of tissue, teeth, hair loss, nose. The likelihood of addiction is 3.0.

Testers of drugs, catching methamphetamine, amphetamine and crystal meth as DrugWipe®6S KE – quick tester in saliva for 6 types of drug (5+ amphetamine) can be found on the website of Shopbreathalyzer.ca

Sleeping pils– After taking amphetamine addicts looking to take medicines containing flunitrazepam or rohipnol. This soporific has a calming effect and gives a temporary relaxation of drug addicts. The bad thing is that it acts psychotropic and addictive. And very often in combination with alcohol and drugs becomes a deadly cocktail. If you survive, you do not remember anything after dosing. Rohipnol used as a heroin substitute. Here with us you may find drug testers catching heroin. From this kind of testers drug is universal device Drug Wipe®5A.

Heroin and opium – from which it is produced heroin is substance morphine, the main ingredient of raw opium. Morphine is available in pharmacies, but only with a prescription. Relieves unbearable pain in various diseases. Heroin, however, has exciting action and damage to a number of processes in the body. The combination of morphine or heroin with alcohol or sleeping pills is deadly. Testers of heroin and morphine as Drug Wipe®2A CO / give accurate results. In Germany, heroin is allowed as medicine and better tolerated by patients compared to methadone.

Cocaine and crack cocaine – Cocaine has the potential for psychological dependence 2.39. When processing and adding baking soda gets cheaper but more dangerous crack opium. Coca leads to elation and does not allow a person hungry and keep it in good condition. Used it pay a high price – narrowed blood vessels, heart attack and high blood pressure, tuberculosis and destruction of the cartilage of the nose.

LSD – lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) is a synthetic drug that sharpens the senses and perception of the surrounding world. Addiction leads to the incurable psychosis. Compared with other LSD – oh no leads so often to death. Its use makes a person thinks he can fly and do irrational things, which in turn lead to incidents threatening someone’s life.

Alcohol and nicotine – They are also kind of drug, as addictive. In the worst cases, their use leads to death or severe incurable diseases.

Marijuana and hashish – In various countries they are allowed. Unlocking according to them is average – 1.51. Can not die of an overdose of them. Typical after consuming them it is that increases hunger for sweet, salty and sour. Senses also improved and can cause a person to do inappropriate things and talking incoherently. Prolonged consumption leads to dullness.