Summer: the season of parties, which can not do without breathalyzer

It is summer. The season of many parties, holidays, weekends, nature and so on. As temperatures rise, rise mood and expectation of nice and unforgettable summer grow. Partying and laughter, and even a walk in the park evening did not go without drink a drink. And there is nothing wrong. The problem comes when alcohol drink which is a threat for domestic and foreign security. As is known overuse of alcohol can seriously clouded mind. Not a few cases in which it is the main cause of serious traffic accident in which there perished. To avoid such situations it is desirable first, every driver should consider before you use alcohol, if a car then the second, but not least have a hand breathalyzer for alcohol.

What breathalyzer device are so famous? This is a device for assessing the content of alcohol in the blood, the sample can be taken from breath, saliva, urine or sweat per person. Breathalyzer is the name of the tool that tests the level of alcohol. It was coined by the inventor Robert Frank Borkehshten.

Breathalyzer devices are some of the tools used for the prevention of drunk drivers, drunken officers and scrutiny as over himself and over another person. With a good purpose – to no bad consequences after someone has overdone it with alcohol. Undeniable fact is that the location of different types breathalyzer devices in institutions, restaurants, police stations and medical centers is indispensable.

In summer, when inhibitions fall, the party runs tirelessly, ceaselessly pours and alcohol. About how much we drink and how much is absorbed concentrate our bodies, we can understand precisely by breathalyzer.

As is known in the market already has a huge variety of breathalyzer devices. Here with us on the site of can also be found among the most popular products by customers. We offer a wide range of Breathalyzer devices that are necessary asset for many companies and institutions. They can be found: professional breathalyzers disposable personal and portal (these are used to control staff eg a company). Along with devices that recognize changes in alcohol in the body here in can be found drug tests that have extremely wide range and are able to recognize different types of drugs.

Consider the following scenario:

You went to a disco on the sea. At the height of the party come the authorities and begin inspection. You should understand that a customer came by car, but consumed alcohol and intends to go, driving while intoxicated, the police have the right to test the breathalyzer. However, if the visitor is not sure of the result, which show breathalyzer he can calmly ask to use his. Precisely in such situations is good to have on hand once breathalyzer.

One of the proven Breathalyzer devices that are used for disposable tester for alcohol CONTRALCO le balloon. This model breathalyzer is extremely accurate and very cheap. We encourage everyone to at least 5 itself. That CONTRALCO le balloon is one of the most popular single breathalyzer in France. Very compact and fast the level of alcohol-based breath, this breathalyzer will benefit every party animal exposed to the situation have consumed alcohol, although it is by car. * Throwaway breathalyzer is a device that is a kind of tool for self . Many accidents can be prevented. Moreover, the one-time breathalyzer a good asset for people who like to have fun with more alcohol. It will always be useful for anyone who has self-respect and wants party-night to complete fun, not problems.

When did the party not in place, the host is good to think to provide mouthpieces for breathalyzer to allow each guest to test how much is drunk and is in condition to go alone. An interesting and very important as an indicator that can walk home alone (without a car, of course) is the game ” walk in a straight line. ”

As I was convinced breath analyzers that are offered are varied in type, price and method of testing. Summer parties and parties yet to start and it is good to remember that one hour after stopping alcohol use levels in the blood continues to rise. So if 10 minutes after the blast in Breathalyzer changes are one, it is no wonder 60 minutes then rose and tested people decide that breathalyzer lying. Unfortunately for them, however, he reported correctly.

WARNING: WE no means tolerate alcohol when then have that person to drive.