Parents, children and drugs

Undoubtedly Drugs are one of the biggest threats nowadays. Their variety and prevalence occupy a large scale. Targets of drug dealers are not only adults, but mostly children.

The causes minors to stagger to its diverse drugs were curious to problems with parents, friends, school. So any responsible parent or guardian is recommended to monitor changes in the behavior of adolescents. Not every change means that the child uses or take drugs. But it is better to be a teenager under the eye.

How to understand the parent if their child is using drugs?

The most common and reliable symptoms are:

bloodshot eyes

high spirits for no reason

uncontrollable urge for sweets

drinking of milk in large quantities

nerve irritation


reluctance to talk with relatives

theft of school and home appliances

non-attendance at school

sleep during the day and at night Baudouin

weight loss

the rolling itchy skin

presence of packets limontotu

lack of shoelaces, cords and elastics

discover syringes and needles or spoons smoked

if a child steals money from his parents