Low-alcohol drinks and the breathalyzer

Perhaps no man in the warmer months not to chop at least once a week to refreshing low-alcohol drinks. Moreover, many of us are fond of traditional many from neighboring countries such as drinks boza, kefir or juice from grapes which are used in the morning with breakfast. As we know the alcohol content of boza is a maximum of 1.0 Changes as made from mixed alcohol-lactic fermentation of flour.

Lovers of yogurt cannot help but to chop through the day so refreshing yogurt, which frankly heat quenches thirst and gives new impetus. It turns out that lactic acid and useful drink has on average between 0.8 and 2.0 per mille alcohol is a problem, especially if the person to be tested breathalyzer by the authorities. Pretty hard to be a man caught in this situation to explain to police that just lunch drank 1-2 cups cold kefir and went back to work, get in your car. Or morning breakfast drank a glass of boza.

An interesting fact is that in Russia, where Kefir is a great honor and there is hardly a Russian who does not drink every day of the drink is forbidden to drive consumed any alcohol. That means – no yogurt, no boza and without light beer.

Russian scientists conducted an experiment as they were concerned whether alcoholic foods and drinks with low alcohol content was caught by Breathalyzer devices and if – yes, what quantities are needed to move the arrow on breathalyzer. The study was applied over 5 there are people – three men and two women. Whether they can choose from – low-alcohol beer 3.7%, kefir, grape juice, candy drunk cherry brandy and traditional ales.

One of the women chosen drunken candy, ate 8 of them and Breathalyzer device does not detect anything. The man drank a cup traditional beer after test showed 0.5 per thousand. Those who drank kefir gave identical results – was caught presence of concentrate in the blood. An interesting moment was when after 1 cup low-alcohol beer (3.7%) had not reported results of the breathalyzer. After the man drank another cup and past little while breathalyzer detected that the level is 0.2 per thousand. Grape juice also passed the test and gave indications that after one glass, can be reported presence of alcohol in the body.

Another problem with low-alcohol beverages such as beer and cider, which summer is one of the most liquid. Often a person to sit behind the wheel, drank 2-3 beers. How many per thousand is this? Anyone who drink 300 ml of beer has the same concentration of alcohol in the body?

Let us still recall the main:

If the woman drinks the first glass of beer, it will be absorbed by the body after its 4:00. In men, the situation is different. Strong halves broken glass of beer (0.5 liters) for 2 hours. Which means that the majority of women by nature are susceptible to the influence of alcohol easier.

In turn each organism is different and how exactly drinks will be needed to pass limit of 1.2 parts per thousand, is also strictly individual.

One thing is certain – the test breathalyzer may have regulation function. Devices: very convenient solution and prevention of when to stop taking alcohol. The market offers a wide range of breathalyzer devices. There are single and professional breathalyzers that help both the common man and the entire organizations, businesses, medical facilities, government agencies, schools and laboratories.

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