How long it takes a person to sober after alcohol intake?

Breathalyzer is an innovative device that analyzes the content of alcohol in the blood, taking a sample of the breath of man. Breathalyzer was developed by Robert Frack in 1984.

There is hardly a person who has not heard what a breathalyzer. Even less if a driver. The alcohol tester allows to measure the amount of alcohol concentration in the blood.

They are not rare in which a man sits behind the wheel drunk a glass of beer or say 50 grams. Brandy. But we all know that this carries risks for both the driver and the opposite.

The penalties for such violation are not small. But there are amounts of ingested alcohol, which are within the permissible and the driver of the car is not subject to punishment. Allowance in the different country is to 0.5 per thousand.

According to research permissible measured in drinks means: if you are a man of 25 fit and weigh 80 kg., It allowed amount that can swallow 800 ml. beer. All this of course is strictly individual. It is well known that the fair sex is much more vulnerable to alcohol. And if men suffer more concentrate, the ladies fail. This is entirely due to a physiological basis.

Very often asked question: How many beers can drive? *

Experts around the world are not unanimous. The maximum permitted amount of alcohol in the blood ranges between 0,2 and 0,8 ‰. In some European countries do not allow the driver to be drunk and gram (ex. Slovakia). To not harmed, however, the European Commission has proposed and approved in the EU member states to be adopted rule the maximum blood alcohol level is up to 0.5 per thousand. That is, if the driver drunk to these values and be checked by the authorities, it is not subject to punishment.

It is better to to know that sitting behind the wheel with alcohol concentration in the blood above 0.5 to 1.2 per thousand is not a crime.

If you are sitting on the wheel with more than 1,2 ‰, then the law (Penal Code), treat the offense as a crime and threatens you up to a year in prison.

We suggest you avoid both sanctions law and unpleasant developments for you, some random person, your relatives or friends.

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Professional testers are perfect for use in the field of transport organizations, medical institutions, and institutions such as universities, schools, factories and machine building companies. Wherever there is an increased risk to human life, breathalyzer helps it to be drastically reduced. Excessive alcohol consumption and sitting behind the wheel then, very often lead to serious accidents. Life is threatened, both the driver and passenger in the car, and the side, innocent people. Proper medical analysis of the content of alcohol in the blood is directly dependent on the testimony of alcotest.

* Note: advises not to sit behind the wheel drunk alcohol, even in moderation.