How breathalyzer helps good sober?

Anyone who has consumed alcohol in the evening knows that he can act as a sedative. Some people even drink deliberate a drink before bedtime to help them sleep. But if you’ve ever woken up in the middle of the night or early morning and wonder why this happens, we of will respond.

A study of nurses from the American university Harvard Center have shown that while alcohol can be good at it to make us sleep easier, it also is guilty of violation of the sleep cycle. The body cannot be fooled and will always recognize the presence of concentrate. Doctors explain the process with the term ” related effect ”. Moreover, the alcohol gives a lot of energy to the body and this leads to rapid ” enough sleep ”, which is actually deceptive. So often after drunken nights’ people are sleep easily, but then all day feeling exhausted.

Let’s look at an example: Mary goes to bed at midnight. To understand how much concentrate per thousand in the blood, it makes his test with an alcohol breathalyzer Alkogran AG 100, which can be found here with us. After 10 seconds the breathalyzer is ready with the results. Alkogran AG 100 track record of 0.06 ‰. According to experts, the average human body processes alcohol with 0.015 percent per hour. Therefore, Mary it would need about 4 astronomical hours to decompose. So if you go to bed at midnight Mary has a chance to wake up at 4 am. In the morning.

So many posts competent suggest that it is best to first person to sober up and then go to bed as sleep drunkenness is not complete. Therefore, it is very convenient to have on hand breathalyzer, be it single. Breathalyzer suitable for such cases as breathalyzer disposable Contralco.

 Important and useful to know about sobering up

How long after drinking can drive?

If you are in a situation that you have to drive after a binge or you drank moderately, but still you drank and you do not know if in the morning you will be in good condition, even with 0,00 ‰ blood alcohol here will get the answer.

Let’s say you drank 3 beers in the evening. In the morning should not be a problem. But three vodkas may be a problem. So to be sure and flawless as drivers and flawless job, then such cases, we at in offer have always personal breathalyzer.

The same applies to large companies and institutions. Here you can find a professional breathalyzer intended for companies, for example, taxi companies, so more of the breathalyzer for clubs, discos and restaurants. Very comfortable and accurate the club. An example is the breathalyzer named ” Dingo K-4000 ” that really can prevent a number of headaches for both the employer and for visitors and even the authorities.

It is good to mention that the time for decomposition alcohol in the blood is also different in each organism. In children and adolescents is still missing enzyme absorption, leading to the slow work of physiological processes. On the other hand, 20-30-year old do they break down faster, as the example of Mary above (editor’s note.).

Doctors from the departments of Toxicology responsible for alcohol poisoning explain that we have no problem with driving, if we stop the traffic police and gave us to give a sample breathalyzer, and emerge 0,00 per mille is good to have at least stopped drinking 9 hours. Besides all the body should be well rested and be very hydrated.

Another extremely important prerequisite for this no man trouble with the authorities or with the boss after a tough night to have personal breathalyzer. So easy and quickly becomes clear whether it is in good condition.

There is no cure for sobering. Myths of tripe soup, kefir and cabbage juice rarely help. The only thing better to do in such cases is a person to have a measure when used alcohol. Yet it is advisable to have a breathalyzer in the car, at home and better professional breathalyzer be loaded firms, companies, medical institutions, power structures, schools and clubs. Breathalyzer are a device that is able to prevent unpleasant cases, even fatal ones.