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The staff at the restaurant and breathalyzer

Do bartenders or waiters to be held responsible if you do not provide a breathalyzer person who used alcohol? Consider the following scenario: a group of friends went to the bar to celebrate a birthday. They are all in a good mood, enjoying the men’s evening talk her laugh and, as with any joyous occasion, drink a lot of alcohol. At the end of the party they leave happy evening, and one of them sits […]


Summer: the season of parties, which can not do without breathalyzer

It is summer. The season of many parties, holidays, weekends, nature and so on. As temperatures rise, rise mood and expectation of nice and unforgettable summer grow. Partying and laughter, and even a walk in the park evening did not go without drink a drink. And there is nothing wrong. The problem comes when alcohol drink which is a threat for domestic and foreign security. As is known overuse of alcohol can seriously clouded mind. […]

19-The breathalyzer

Breathalyzer – need for one company

People’s lives have become too hectic and often very monotonous. Modern man is burdened by a number of factors. Sometimes people try to find a way to unload the stress by resorting to various means. No single case in which to distract a man reaching to daily cup filled with alcohol. So  innocent liquid actually turns in a potential danger to him and others. Drugs are also an option for many of the younger people. […]


You can be fooled breathalyzer device?

There is hardly a person who does not break the rules. Driving after drinking is against the law. However, there are perceptions that breathalyzers can be played through various tricks. It turns out that these are myths and we will debunk with this article. After separate fact from fiction. MYTH: Putting copper plate under the tongue influences the outcome breathalyzer device. FACT: The idea that putting the plate in the mouth awry correct score in […]


How breathalyzer helps good sober?

Anyone who has consumed alcohol in the evening knows that he can act as a sedative. Some people even drink deliberate a drink before bedtime to help them sleep. But if you’ve ever woken up in the middle of the night or early morning and wonder why this happens, we of Shopbreathalyzer.ca will respond. A study of nurses from the American university Harvard Center have shown that while alcohol can be good at it to make […]


How long it takes a person to sober after alcohol intake?

Breathalyzer is an innovative device that analyzes the content of alcohol in the blood, taking a sample of the breath of man. Breathalyzer was developed by Robert Frack in 1984. There is hardly a person who has not heard what a breathalyzer. Even less if a driver. The alcohol tester allows to measure the amount of alcohol concentration in the blood. They are not rare in which a man sits behind the wheel drunk a […]


What are the breathalyzers?

Breathalyzers are electronic devices that determine the alcohol content in the human body in exhaled air. Dräger: HOW DOES IT WORK? When testing for alcohol breathalyzer using air, exhaled from the deep lungs, which is in direct contact with blood. Accordingly, the content of alcohol in the air directly correlated with the concentration of alcohol in the blood. All breathalyzers even the cheapest models are equipped with sensor and allow us to determine the content […]