22 narkotitsi-detsa-roditeli

Parents, children and drugs

Undoubtedly Drugs are one of the biggest threats nowadays. Their variety and prevalence occupy a large scale. Targets of drug dealers are not only adults, but mostly children. The causes minors to stagger to its diverse drugs were curious to problems with parents, friends, school. So any responsible parent or guardian is recommended to monitor changes in the behavior of adolescents. Not every change means that the child uses or take drugs. But it is […]

21-most dangerous drugs

What are the most dangerous drugs?

Amphetamine and crystal meth Produced synthetically amphetamine and methamphetamine – known as crystal meth – date back to the late 19th century. And they have been used in medicine to the 70s of the last century – amphetamine is prescribed as an antidepressant, as a means of suppressing appetite and in the treatment of asthma. It was used as a stimulant and soldiers. Amphetamine and today is used to combat attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity. […]


Summer: the season of parties, which can not do without breathalyzer

It is summer. The season of many parties, holidays, weekends, nature and so on. As temperatures rise, rise mood and expectation of nice and unforgettable summer grow. Partying and laughter, and even a walk in the park evening did not go without drink a drink. And there is nothing wrong. The problem comes when alcohol drink which is a threat for domestic and foreign security. As is known overuse of alcohol can seriously clouded mind. […]


Types of drug testers

Most people when they hear about drug testers do Association for sampling urine. It turns out that there are many different methods for this person to be tested whether he used drugs and what is her appearance. There are various factors by which a person can get a definition of what types of devices should be called testers for drugs to be applied in a given situation. What are devices called drug testers? They are […]

08 drugtest

What is a tester for drugs?

In addition to alcohol breathalyzers, there testers for drugs. As we know, drug addiction is one of the biggest scourges of the 21st century, together with addictions to alcohol and smoking. Not necessarily narcotic hunger can only be compared to traditional opium’s such as amphetamines, marijuana, methamphet- amines cocaine, heroin and other derivatives. The dependence can be, and to certain pharmaceutical drugs. The presence of drugs can be detected by tests on site or testing […]