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The staff at the restaurant and breathalyzer

Do bartenders or waiters to be held responsible if you do not provide a breathalyzer person who used alcohol? Consider the following scenario: a group of friends went to the bar to celebrate a birthday. They are all in a good mood, enjoying the men’s evening talk her laugh and, as with any joyous occasion, drink a lot of alcohol. At the end of the party they leave happy evening, and one of them sits […]


Low-alcohol drinks and the breathalyzer

Perhaps no man in the warmer months not to chop at least once a week to refreshing low-alcohol drinks. Moreover, many of us are fond of traditional many from neighboring countries such as drinks boza, kefir or juice from grapes which are used in the morning with breakfast. As we know the alcohol content of boza is a maximum of 1.0 Changes as made from mixed alcohol-lactic fermentation of flour. Lovers of yogurt cannot help […]


Frequently asked questions about breathalyzer

Q: Is it possible a situation where a personal breathalyzer result showed a zero (negative), while testing a device traffic police be found alcohol? A: No, it is not possible if your breathalyzer faces, it will necessarily capture the presence of alcohol. The only exception is in the case where the concentration of alcohol is less than the limit of detection of personal breathalyzer as minimum values are respectively – 0.10 per mil in semiconductor […]