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The staff at the restaurant and breathalyzer

Do bartenders or waiters to be held responsible if you do not provide a breathalyzer person who used alcohol? Consider the following scenario: a group of friends went to the bar to celebrate a birthday. They are all in a good mood, enjoying the men’s evening talk her laugh and, as with any joyous occasion, drink a lot of alcohol. At the end of the party they leave happy evening, and one of them sits […]


How breathalyzer helps good sober?

Anyone who has consumed alcohol in the evening knows that he can act as a sedative. Some people even drink deliberate a drink before bedtime to help them sleep. But if you’ve ever woken up in the middle of the night or early morning and wonder why this happens, we of Shopbreathalyzer.ca¬†will respond. A study of nurses from the American university Harvard Center have shown that while alcohol can be good at it to make […]