Breathalyser Calibration

Alcohol tester is a device with a gauge in the “heart” of which there is a high electrochemical or semiconductor element called an alcohol sensor. The sensor is very precise and complex element dependent on environmental parameters – temperature, humidity, dust, etc. Here we have the recommendation for periodic inspection and functional setting alcotest using special tools and reference liquids with guaranteed parameters. This technical procedure is called calibration. Breathalyzer calibration is performed with a specialized purpose high-tech equipment, according to the algorithm calibrator set by the manufacturer. Their operating principle is based on creating a vapor-air mixture analogous to the air of a man consumed alcohol (whose exact concentration of alcohol is known). After analysis of exhaled air with calibrator alkotesterat was purged with a special mixture and is then configured. For calibration of each breathalyzer need calibrator and knowledge of the methodology of the procedure. For this reason, the procedure is performed in an authorized service center. The timing of calibration depends on the model of alcohol tester.

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