High Level Proffesional Breathalyzer Dräger Alcotest 7510


Dräger Alcotest® 7510 is the high-end of compact professional models breathalyzers. Most used by Trafic Police model.


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Product Description

The compact and robust handheld breath alcohol measuring device is especially designed for exacting test or the evidential use by police as well as in commerce and industry. It can also be used for evidential testing purposes, subject to relevant local and market sector approvals.

Ergonomic design

The Alcotest 7510 is a compact and robust handheld instrument which, thanks to its special ergonomic design, is suitable for right or left handed users. A non-slip rubber housing offers optimal grip.

State-of-the-art technology

The Alcotest 7510 uses the latest DrägerSensor technology. The measurement method is benefiting from the fact that the sampling was also further developed. Depending on the device configuration can also detect mouth alcohol. A built-in heating element prevents condensation and ensures quick and accurate measurements even at sub-freezing temperatures. The device is not sensitive to other substances and tamper-proof.

Easy operability

The device is operated by a three-button concept. The user controls all measurements via a single button. A quick and easy menu navigation is possible with two additional buttons.The device incorporates an innovative transflective, high resolution graphic LC display. The back-lit display provides clear, unabbreviated, selectable multi-language test messages ensuring legibility in bright sunlight as well as total darkness. In addition, three light emitting diodes (LEDs in red / yellow / green) support the information displayed.

Hygienic and safe

The device complies with high hygiene requirements. The sterile disposable mouthpiece employs a special tab to assure a safe distance between the operators hand and the subject’s mouth. A spacer is used to avoid direct lip contact with the device. For superior hygiene, the Alcotest 7510 has a special mouthpiece ejection mechanism. Using this ejection system allows safe and fast removal of the mouthpiece.

Comprehensive data management

The Alcotest 7510 is characterized by a comprehensive data management and a wide range of configuration options. The device captures and stores a wealth of information, adapted to the individual requirements by selection lists or free texts. The test result is saved with a test number and corresponding date and time.

Low energy consumption

The device is powered by alkaline or rechargeable NiMH batteries. Optional for frequent measurements the device can used with Lithium-Ion batteries.

High flexibility

The Alcotest 7510 can be used immediately in any environment. It can be carried out at temperatures from -10 °C to +50 °C. The flexible data management, the high memory capacity as well as the option of wireless data transfer to the Dräger Mobile Printer or a computer allow for easy adjustment to national and international specifications. Via the ambient pressure sensor, the device automatically compensates for any ambient barometric conditions when performing dry-gas tests. The GPS module recognize the exact geographical location where a breath test is performed. More optional accessories like a stable packaging case and various mounting and charging options are offered – also for the use of multiple devices.

Additional Information


Alcotest 7510

Employee Control



Employee control

Test Type


With Mouthpiece


Without Mouthpiece


Sensor Technology

Fuel Cell


0.00‰ – 6.00‰


± 5%




LCD (full graphic, monochrome) LED and sounds

Breath Sample

> 5 sec; passive

Warm-Up Time

< 6 sec

Analysis Time

< 12 sec

Purge Cycle

< 15 sec


type Slide ‘n’ Click

Tests Counter


Tests Saved

5 000

Calibration, Maintanence

3 000 / 6 m.

Operating Temperature

-10°Ñ / +50°Ñ

Power Supply

4 x ÀÀ; NiMH/Li-Ion/ accumulators


1 500


183 õ 87 õ 44




12 m.

In The Box

breathalyzer, system case, NiMH recharchable bateries, strap, 3 moutpieces, USB cable, CD, manual


Power pack (current source), Charging cradle, Car charger, IR module + holster, Holster set, Mobile Printer



Mobile Printing



Draeger, Germany


CE, TUV, EN 15964