Mid Level Proffesional Breathalyzer Alcogran AG-500 with Printer


Professional breathalyzer with Fuel Cell Sensor and mobile printer included.


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Product Description

Alcogran AG-500 is affordable professional breathalyzer. It has accurate professional grade fuel cell sensor, an intelligent design, convenient hard case and mobile printer for printing results on site. Main benefits

  • Professional grade fuel cell sensor: accuracy of the fuel cell sensors in Alcogran AG-500 is much higher than that other personal breathalyzers with fuel cell sensors, like Alcogran AG-100 or AG-125.
  • The “anti-fraud” (control of full exhalation) feature: if insufficient or no exhalation is provided, an alarm sounds, and a notice is displayed.
  • Alarm indicator for calibration: If the results become unreliable, self-diagnostic of this breathalyzer will inform you to make calibration, so the results become accurate again.
  • Big internal memory: 1 000 last test can be read again.
  • Faster initial test: after switch on, in less than 10 seconds Alcogran AG-500 is ready for test.
  • Easy and fast next test: after the test Alcogran AG-500 will be become ready for the next test in less than 30 seconds.
  • Dual power supply: Alcogran AG-500 can work with a 9V battery, or from 12V car adapter, which gives big advantage especially in cold winter days.
  • Included printer: Alcogran AG-500 comes together with mobile printer.
  • Hard case: for storing breathalyzer, printer and cables.

Control of full exhalation eliminates the possibility of erroneous measurements and results. Very often accuracy and objectivity of measurements does not depend on the device itself; sometimes lack thereof reflects human error. For example, unconsciously (or purposely) exhaling a volume of air that is too small may result in false test results. Alcogran AG-500 monitors exhalation and ensures the volume of air provided is sufficiently large. Furthermore, it takes the air sample from deep within the lungs, where the concentration of alcohol is closest to the concentration of alcohol in the blood. This ensures that the instructions are followed correctly and that the results are accurate. How to use Alcogran AG-500 Alcogran AG-500 main advantages are: simplicity, speed of analysis, convenience, and affordability (compared to models of the same class and quality). It works with just one 9V battery. Thanks to bright digital LCD display, the Alcogran AG-500 can be easily read even in complete darkness. Working with Alcogran AG-500 does not require any special training, skills, or knowledge All you need to do is, click on the yellow button on the front panel and wait until breathalyzer enters standby mode (under­­­ 10 seconds). Then exhale into the mouthpiece, which must be pre-positioned in one side of the breathalyzer. The exhalation should not be very strong and last about five seconds. Then, just few seconds later the display will shows the measurement results. That is all! Longer periods between calibrations To obtain reliable results, it is recommended to check and calibrate the sensor of the breathalyzers periodically. Usually, personal breathalyzers require frequent calibrations after 200 – 300 test. Even with intensive use, frequency of calibration for the Alcogran AG-500 should be done once in every 1000 tests. At low load (if the device is only used by three or four people), this breathalyzer needs only one calibration per year. Alcogran AG-500 works with battery and with external power source You can safely take it with you to a corporate party, a business trip, or on vacation without worrying about how many batteries to bring – with one 9V batteries can last for up to 500 tests! Moreover, the breathalyzer can work with external power source from 12V car adapter. This will be very handy in cold conditions, when cold ambient temperature can affect the time for initial test and time for resetting for next test. Alcogran AG-500 can print test result on site This breathalyzer comes together with mobile printer. They connect wireless and printing the result of the test is very simple – just one click! Mobile printer has its own power supply with rechargeable battery. It use standard thermo-paper roll on, 58 mm wide. To get the most accurate results, follow a few simple rules:

  • Administer the test at least 5 minutes after smoking and 20 minutes after alcohol intake;
  • Do not test in strong wind conditions or if in a room with strongly polluted air;
  • Periodically (every 12 months) check the condition of your breathalyzer;
  • Keep your device away from heaters or sources of strong odors (perfumes, cosmetics, etc.);
  • Take at least one test every two weeks so that the sensor is maintained in optimum condition.

Additional Information


Alcogran AG-500 PRN

Employee Control



Employee control

Test Type


With Mouthpiece


Without Mouthpiece


Sensor Technology

Fuel Cell


0.00‰ -2.50‰


± 8%


promiles(‰), mg/L


LCD (4 digits, monochrome) and sounds

Breath Sample

>5 sec

Warm-Up Time

< 10 sec

Analysis Time

< 10 sec

Purge Cycle

< 30 sec


type ATA-010; 95-000145*

Tests Counter


Tests Saved

1 000

Calibration, Maintanence

1 000 / 12 m.

Operating Temperature

0°Ñ / +40°Ñ

Power Supply

1 x 9V; 12 V




120 õ 60 õ 26




12 m.

In The Box

breathalyzer, mobile printer, system case, 5 moutpieces, batery, car adaptor for 12V, manual





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