Breathalyzer – need for one company

People’s lives have become too hectic and often very monotonous. Modern man is burdened by a number of factors. Sometimes people try to find a way to unload the stress by resorting to various means. No single case in which to distract a man reaching to daily cup filled with alcohol. So  innocent liquid actually turns in a potential danger to him and others. Drugs are also an option for many of the younger people. But as we know, they and alcohol are substances that harm the body and the psyche. And the outcome is often fatal. Most of the individuals started drinking and doing drugs eventually get addicted to these substances. Therefore, consumption of alcohol and drugs is increasing with each passing day. This trend is rapidly evolving and should be controlled.

For example, employees of companies started to use drugs become very unproductive. They are prone to depression and regularly change your mood and your work. Those employees who do systematically dig into the cup with alcohol come inadequate and irritable. This could not only cost them their job, but it is dangerous to health and their loved ones.

It is therefore crucial important companies whose employees are exposed to regular stress and work with strenuous pace to have drug tests and breathalyzer devices, checking the level of alcohol in the body. If implemented similar programs, surely many headaches will be saved. According to British research conducted on the territory of Eastern Europe, it is clear that in companies where employees are checked systematically (4 times for 12 months) breathalyzer and drug testers was marked upswing in the company. The shots of the companies from their part, were pleased with the concerns of their employers. Many of these employees who have had problems with harmful drugs you have made progress on the long road on quitting them.

Advantages of such a company to have a breathalyzer and drug testers:

Reducing the number of employee absenteeism

Improves performance and productivity

Promotes health and safety of employees

Improving the social environment of the workplace

Reduces the cost of health insurance

Reducing the number of accidents

Improving relations between employers and employees

Very suitable proposal is Breathalyzer device Tigon Professional M3001  – Professional Breathalyzer new generation combines high technology and ergonomic design. Can operate in active and passive mode (without mouthpieces) and is extremely fast.

Draeger Tigon Professional M3001 is designed for professional purposes. This type of devices are highly preferred for control staff in medium and large enterprises and transportation companies. There is a possibility of him to test a lot of people, and the results are accurate and fast. Draeger Tigon Professional is preferred by hospitals and research laboratories. Apart protect against fraud in testing. Only 7 seconds the result is ready.

The advantage for a company to have a breathalyzer is inevitable. Results are produced on the same day and employees must not go for testing to another location. It can also help the company to reduce the loss of productivity. On the other hand, testing site breathalyzer for alcohol frame does not allow them to cheat. The same applies to cases in which workers are subjected to drug tests. More and more importance to be equipped with breathalyzer devices companies and testers drug release large and medium firms and companies. We can say that they are part of the new medical equipment companies.

Dräger disposable it would do a good job in testing of drivers in transport companies. Many of them share their employers that a breathalyzer gives them peace of mind to her boss, and before a possible raid by authorities.

As a drink driving remains a cause of many collisions on our roads and international, often with tragic consequences. Often drivers operating while intoxicated do not realize that alcohol levels in their body is above the limit. They often embarked driving 4-5 hours after stopping drinking. But they do not realize that everybody is different and the degradation of the same concentrate is strictly individual. The lack of a single breathalyzer in the car leads to denial and self-control. Consciousness can be blurred, and the drive to become a dangerous endeavor. Endangered many lives and only because of absence of the simple-looking but extremely important breathalyzer device. So while there are devices measuring the amount of alcohol in the body, experts, police, medics and we of appeal they are used as intended.

Breathalyzer devices and testers for drugs are a sure way to ensure that employees in different companies are fit for work – whether driving, operating machinery, people, etc.

Here on site you can find interesting and useful information about how a breathalyzer works.

And debunked myths and urban legends about whether man can deceive breathalyzer. We explained who and what are the methods of prevention, in order to prevent drunk driving. Pay attention to how you use testers for drugs, where and when they need to be applied.